We are an undergraduate organization at Duke that is dedicated to improving and expanding the experience of high school students in Science Olympiad. Our activities include volunteering at local Science Olympiad competitions and organizing a high school invitational. 2019 will be our first year holding the tournament!

Allie Rauch – President

I’m a junior majoring in Environmental Science and Policy with minors in Earth/Ocean Science and Education. I have been doing Science Olympiad since 6th grade and I went to Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania. My favorite events are Experimental Design, Wright Stuff, Bridges, and Geologic Mapping. When I’m not in class, I am working with Dining programs, First-year programs, or working out for ski team. Some of my hobbies are playing cello and guitar, cooking, and recycling.

Selena Qian – Vice President

I went to Carmel High School and was part of Science Olympiad all four years. My favorite event was WIDI, but I also liked Hydrogeology and Protein Modeling. I built a lot of Towers and did Experimental Design, but would not call those favorites by any definition of the word. Outside of scioly and class, I also play for Swerve, the women's ultimate frisbee team, write/edit for The Chronicle, design for DIDA, and volunteer as part of APO. I enjoy reading, baking, and drawing/painting in my free time.

Brian Li – Treasurer

Brian spent all four years of high school in Science Olympiad, two of which he served as the building captain for his team. In that time, eating ramen at 4 am the morning before a competition and pulling all-nighters only to produce unsuccessful results became his forte. Out of spite, he has decided to commit himself to passing those nerve-wracking experiences onto the next generation of high schoolers. Feel free to reach out to him with any questions as he is all too eager to help!

Amy Zhao – Secretary

I'm a sophomore from Northville, Michigan studying Biology and Global Health. I competed with the Northville High School Science Olympiad team throughout high school, and my favorite events include Invasive Species, Rocks and Minerals, and Protein Modeling. In my free time, I love dancing, eating ice cream, journaling, and hiking. I'm extremely excited to give back to a community that has meant so much to me by helping run the 2019 Duke Science Olympiad Invitational!

Vicki Lu – Webmaster

I'm a sophomore from Central Jersey looking to study Computer Science and Biology. I got involved with Science Olympiad pretty late in high school, but had the best memories competing with my Montgomery High School team for my last two years. My favorite events are Microbe Mission, Experimental Design, and (dare I say) Game On. I also love biking, UX design, crossword puzzles, Medium articles, and travelling!

Jordan Shapiro – C Division Testing

Hiya! My name is Jordan Shapiro, and I am a sophomore from Harriton High school studying math and computer science. In my free time, I play tennis, watch The Office on repeat, and argue with friends about how ramps are just a subset of stairs. Back in the day, I competed in Dynamic Planet, Remote Sensing, GeoMapping and all those other earth science events.

Daniel Tsai – C Division Building

Howdy fellow nerds, geeks, and those who have yet to make up their mind. My name is Daniel Edward Chun-Chei Tsai! I am a sophomore from Philadelphia and I previously attended Lower Merion High School - the old stomping ground of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and the lesser known superstar Allie Rauch. A little about me: I enjoy long walks on the beach, a good Nicolas Cage movie, and any building event Scioly has to offer. Some fun facts about me include that I have a birthmark that looks like a smiley face, I own 7 Jeremy Lin and Yao Ming jerseys, and in high school I came in second in an all-male beauty pageant.

Joyce Gu – Tournament Logistics

I am a sophomore from Villanova, Pennsylvania majoring in Environmental engineering. I went to Harriton High school and joined the Science Olympiad team in my junior year. My favorite event was Invasive species, though I also enjoy Dynamic Planet, Remote Sensing, and Rocks and Minerals! In my free time I enjoy binging TV shows (Community, The Office, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and on and on...) going to basketball games, painting, and looking at dogspotting on Facebook!